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Cultured Wild Ginseng

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Cultured-roots of Wild-Ginseng

From the roots of Wild-Ginseng which was carefully selected after a thorough validation of the expert, and inducing cultured tissues used planting hormones, genetic traits with the same roots.
Since the development of a method of mass product by incubation after selecting roots with producing ginsenosides.
Now we could provide the products at the best similar price of ginseng(soosam-the rare roots digged at the first time in field)


  • It helps to strengthen the immune force.
  • It helps to improve the frailty.
  • It is useful for a variety of adult diseases (Diabetes, Blood pressure, Health condition of Liver. Cancer, etc)
  • It helps to relieve your stress.
  • Detox effect is recommended.

For your sound Life!
The Cultured-roots of Wild-Ginseng, Regarded as cherishing for the body embraced a century.
The Wild-Ginseng. Korea Origined Wild-Ginseng.

If you want to care about your adorable family, keep your family's immune forces by having Wild-Ginseng Cultured-roots which have ginsenosides is much fuller than Red-ginseng.

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Liquerur Cultured Wild Ginseng 1-2L