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Liquerur Cultured Wild Ginseng 1.2L

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Liquerur Cultured Wild Ginseng 1.2L


Ki of Millennium
The Cultured-roots of Wild-Ginseng liquor 360 (Sansham-Baeyahng-Joo 360)



  • Capacity of liquor: 1.2L
  • Specifications: length 32cm, width 11cm
  • Alcohol content: 21%
  • Type of Alcohol: liquor
    * No packing

For your sound Life!
The Cultured-roots of Wild-Ginseng, Regarded as cherishing for the body embraced a century.
The Wild-Ginseng. Korea Origined Wild-Ginseng.

If you want to care about your adorable family, keep your family's immune forces by having Wild-Ginseng Cultured-roots which have ginsenosides is much fuller than Red-ginseng.